• LSI – North

    • University of North Dakota

      University of North Dakota 

      The Lakota Summer Institute - North is proud to be sponsored by UND!  We are confident that our new home will be able to offer the rich heritage of the Lakota language to more eager learners while at the same time reducing financial barriers.   The UND mission statement:  

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    LSI – South 

    • Oglala Lakota College

      Oglala Lakota College 

      Language revitalization is at spiritual center of what OLC embodies. They recognize that "the Lakota perspective is a world view which derives from the oral creation story of the Lakota people and is, therefore, a living, dynamic view handed down from generation to generation." This recognition of an oral tradition as the ethos of Lakota life presupposes the use of Lakota language. Embedded into the college's mission statement we see this respect for Lakota language: "The College will graduate well-rounded students grounded in Wolako

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    • Lakota Language Consortium

      Lakota Language Consortium 

        The Lakota Language Consortium is the driving force behind LSI.  Its comprehensive plan for Lakota language revitalization calls for teacher development and support as the balance to having new teaching materials – because textbooks and dictionaries don’t create new fluent speakers all by themselves.  Because LLC is a collaboration between five tribes and a team of academic linguists and language educators, the Consortium has worked to connect the Lakota revitalization effort with the entire professional seco

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