LG 201 Lakota Grammar for Pre-intermediate Level – I

  • Course Description (Wóuŋspe Oyákapi):

    This one credit course provides an intermediate coverage of Lakota grammar. It will focus on conjunctions, partitives, quantifiers, mass nouns, noun incorporation, empathic pronouns, additive focus, restrictive focus, intensifiers, comparative, superlative and adverbs of time. Although the course relies more heavily on instruction in order to cover the extensive material, it also offers a reasonable amount of oral practice so that students can enhance their ability to conjugate verbs in communicative situations. This course will benefit both second language learners and those native speakers who are current or prospective Lakota language teachers.



    Required Text and Materials:

    • Black Bear, Ben, Jr. and Ullrich, J. (2016). Lakota Grammar Handbook. Bloomington, Indiana: Lakota Language Consortium.
    • New Lakota Dictionary (2012); Lakota Language Consortium.
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