LG 102 Lakota Grammar for Beginners – II

  • Course Description (Waúŋspe Oyákapi):

    This one credit course provides a comprehensive coverage of Lakota inflectional morphology and in doing so it equips the students with thorough knowledge of Lakota verb conjugation. After this course, students will be able to identify Lakota personal affixes, conjugation classes and their subtypes, and they will know how to determine the conjugation of any Lakota verb. Additionally, students will learn how to combine subject and object affixes within verbs. Although the course relies more heavily on instruction in order to cover the extensive material, it also offers a reasonable amount of oral practice so that students can enhance their ability to conjugate verbs in communicative situations.


    Course textbooks

    • Black Bear, Ben, Jr. and Ullrich, J. (2016). Lakota Grammar Handbook. Bloomington, Indiana: Lakota Language Consortium.
    • New Lakota Dictionary (2012); Lakota Language Consortium.
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