CL 103 Communicative Lakota for Beginners – III

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    This course will build on CL 102 and will focus on increasing student’s communicative skills in Lakota and their ability to express concepts of traditional Lakota culture as well as those used in every day conversations in modern Lakota society, within the family and community. Students will practice expressing their ideas, needs and descriptions in real time via activities with a communicative purpose. Among other patterns, students will be introduced to indirect questions, conditional clauses, postpositions, and T-words (question words). The course will review animal vocabulary (body parts, describing animals, animal activities etc.) with the aim of using the topic of traditional animals for practicing various sentence patterns and communicative situations. Students will be introduced to frequency adverbs, usages of common verbs, and the difference between commands and reported commands.

    Course textbooks

    • New Lakota Dictionary. Lakota Language Consortium, Bloomington, 2008
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