LG 101 Lakota Grammar for Beginners – I

  • Course Description (Wóuŋspe Oyákapi):

    This one credit course provides an introductory level coverage of three areas of Lakota grammar: (1) Lakota alphabet, phonemic inventory and pronunciation, (2) conjugation of Lakota verbs (inflectional morphology), and (3) sentence structure (syntax). Additionally, the course offers an introduction to using self-study materials, such as a dictionary, grammar book and learning apps.


    Required Text and Materials

    • Black Bear, Ben, Jr. and Ullrich, J. (2016). Lakota Grammar Handbook. Bloomington, Indiana: Lakota Language Consortium.
    • New Lakota Dictionary (2012); Lakota Language Consortium.
    • Ullrich, J. (2005). Lakȟótiya Wóglaka Po! Speak Lakota! – Level 2 Lakota Language Textbook, Bloomington: Lakota Language Consortium.
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