CL 102 Communicative Lakota for Beginners – II

  • Course Description (Wóuŋspe Oyákapi):

    This course will build on LakC 101 and will focus on language used for expressing the time of events in Lakota, such as specific events in the past, non-specific events in the past, recurrent or habitual events, future or potential events and asking “when”. Other topics include the concept of “can,” “want” and “need” in Lakota. The course will introduce more kinship terms and ways of talking about possession (including possessive and dative verbs). Students will learn how to use stative verbs with relative clauses to describe people, animals and objects. The course will introduce many other frequent and common aspects of Lakota vocabulary, structure, and usage.


    Course textbooks

    • Black Bear, Ben, Jr. and Ullrich, J. (2016). Lakota Grammar Handbook. Bloomington, Indiana: Lakota Language Consortium.
    • New Lakota Dictionary (2012); Lakota Language Consortium.
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