LDL 350 Neologism Development I

  • Course description

    This course will develop skills necessary to create new words and phrases in Lakhota for new vocabulary and expressions, explore the traditional methods employed in Lakȟóta words, and identify the words and expressions that have come into existence over the years in the process of cultural/social change among the Lakȟóta people. A thorough understanding of the culture is necessary for creating new vocabulary and expressions for use in Lakȟóta.

    Course objectives

    A list will be made of at least ten words and phrases known taken from historical tradition that are recent expressions during the post reservation period. There will be a discussion regarding the social cultural change that occurred in early reservation period as it applies to language. The students will come up with a list of Lakȟóta words as it applies to current situations and items and presently employed in the communities. The students will apply the skills learned to the development of new vocabulary.

    Course textbooks

    New Lakota Dictionary: Lakȟótiyapi – English/English Lakȟótiyapi & incorporating the Dakota Dialects of Yankton-Yanktonai & Santee-Sisseton. Edited by Jan F. Ullrich, Lakota Language Consortium, 2008.

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