LDL 299A: Online Self-Study Methods

    Course description

    This course trains new learners of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ language in the best self-study practices and will draw on the wealth of reading, writing and listening resources that are available online. Through guided practice of the Lakota Learners’ Forum (www.lakotadictionary.org), the New Lakota Dictionary Pro, the most up-to-date keyboard layouts, and other resources, students will gain important self-study skills that can supplement classes and face-to- face interaction with fluent speakers.

    Course objectives

    The student will:

    • Know how to navigate the Lakota Leaners’ Forum to find learning content appropriate for their level.
    • Know how to navigate the New Lakota Dictionary Pro across various devices to help with writing and comprehension activities.
    • Be able to type and text Lakota using the Standard Lakota Orthography across various devices.
    • Have listened to and transcribed a portion of an old Lakota recording and/or transcribed a portion of an old Lakota text into the Standard Lakota Orthography.
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