LSIS – Instructors

    • Jan Ullrich

      Jan Ullrich 

      Jan Ullrich is the Co-Founder and Linguistic Director of the Lakota Language Consortium and the Lakota Summer Institute, and one of the world’s leading applied linguists and authorities on the Lakota language. He has published numerous books and articles on Lakota language and mythology, including The New Lakota Dictionary, widely considered to be the the Gold Standard not only for the Lakota and Dakota languages, but for all Language dictionaries. Jan continues to personally teach classes at the Institute, and looks forward to seeing many old friends in 2018!  

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    • Kim Campbell

      Kim Campbell 

      Kim Campbell joined the Lakota Language Consortium in 2009 to help create Lakȟóliya Wóglaka Po! Speak Lakota! Level 3 textbook, and began teaching second language teaching techniques at LSI. Her past career at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard built up decades of experience creating lessons in Ojibwe, Thai, Celtic, Russian, Hebrew and Japanese, as well as medieval languages, and the LSI participants have become her Lakota language teachers.

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    • Junior Garcia

      Junior Garcia 

      Junior Garcia is Lipan Apache and Sičháŋǧu Lakȟóta and teacher of the Lakota language and culture, as well as traditional song and ceremony. He has served as Education Director at the Lakota Language Consortium and Instructor at the Lakota Summer Institute since 2012. He has also taught several Lakota Language Weekends around the country. He served as Dean of Culture/Lakȟóta Language Instructor for the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He currently works as Lakota Language and Culture Instructor at Wounded Knee District School.

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    • Marek Kupiec

      Marek Kupiec 

      Marek Kupiec holds a Master’s degree in English with Translation from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. He works as Language Materials Editor for the Lakota Language Consortium and has been a linguistic associate of Jan Ullrich since 2014. He authored the Lakota Basic Reader “Táku Tókȟuŋpi he?” and participated in the creation of such materials as the Lakota Grammar Handbook, Lakota Vocab Builder and Lakota Children's Songs vol. 3.

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    • Naomi Last Horse

      Naomi Last Horse 

      Naomi Last Horse is a Lakota Language Instructor at Wounded Knee District School. She is trained in Lakota instruction through the Summer Language Institutes and Language Weekends organized by the Lakota Language Consortium.  

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    • Allen Wilson

      Allen Wilson 

      Allen Wilson is from Rosebud Reservation. He is a teacher of Lakota language, history and culture at Todd County Middle School, and before that, at St Joseph's Indian School. Together with Ben Black Bear Jr., regularly facilitates language meetings at Siŋté Glešká University. He grew up hearing Lakota around the rez and began studying more intently in 2012 after learning how close Lakota is to extinction. He has attended the Lakota Summer Institute since 2015.

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    • Alex Firethunder-Loeb

      Alex Firethunder-Loeb 

      Alex Firethunder-Loeb is the Lakota Language & Culture Program Coordinator at the Lakota Waldorf in Kyle, SD, and is working on a Masters degree in Lakota Leadership and Management at Oglala Lakota College.

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    • Lora Catches

      Private: Lora Catches 

      Lora is a Lakota Language Instructor at Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, dedicated to Lakota revitalization in her community. Lora developed her passion for learning and teaching the Lakota Language as an attendee at the Lakota Summer Institute. She has earned a degree in Lakota Studies from Oglala Lakota College and also worked at the Lakota Immersion Childcare Center in Thunder Valley.

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    • Tamatane I'atala

      Tamatane I’atala 

      Tamatane I'atala serves as Activities Coordinator for Red Cloud Indian School's Lakota Language Program.  He earned his BA in Lakota Studies with an emphasis in Lakota Language, and graduated from the Lakota Language Education Action Program (LLEAP) 2011 from the University of South Dakota.   

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