• Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

      Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 

      The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been the lead sponsor for the Lakota Summer Institute since LSI’s beginnings in 2007. SRST’s skilled Education Department administrators have organized and promoted the Institute and managed volunteer staff to make sure all of the participants’ needs are met. SRST has also been a strong advocate for language instruction in the schools.

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    • Sitting Bull College

      Sitting Bull College 

      Sitting Bull College has been committed to language revitalization since its founding in 1973.  SBC’s Division of Native American Studies awards an Associate of Science degree and two Certificates in Lakota-Dakota language study. In 2007 SBC opened its doors to LSI and has now hosted gatherings of Crow Nation language teachers, Maori language activists and academic linguists in addition to the ever-increasing numbers of Lakota people who want to hear, speak and learn the language. SBC provides facilities, administrative and infrastructure support, and instructors from its Native American Studi

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    • Lakota Language Consortium

      Lakota Language Consortium 

      The Lakota Language Consortium is the driving force behind LSI.  Its comprehensive plan for Lakota language revitalization calls for teacher development and support as the balance to having new teaching materials – because textbooks and dictionaries don’t create new fluent speakers all by themselves.  Because LLC is a collaboration between five tribes and a team o

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