• Classes at the Lakota Summer Institute can either be taken for college credit or as Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Both are administered by Sitting Bull College. In the past, students have earned college credit and counted it towards Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees.

    Class fees

    Each class runs for one week from Monday to Friday in either the morning, afternoon, or evening, and is worth one college credit or one CEU. As such, students can earn up to three credits or CEUs per week at LSI.

    CEU Credit
    Tuition fee $0 $125
    Registration fee $25 $25
    Technology fee $10 $10

    Other costs

    There are a number of other costs that students should factor into their budget for LSI:

    • textbooks and other learning materials (which can be pre-ordered when you pre-register and collected on arrival)
    • accommodation costs
    • food costs (though lunch is provided Monday to Friday at the college)
    • travel costs


    Payment instructions

    All payments for classes and learning materials should be made to Sitting Bull College and are due on the first day of classes.

    For more information about paying the class fees, contact:

    Sitting Bull College Financial Support Center
    Phone: (701) 854-8085
    Fax: (701) 854-2345

    For more information about paying for learning materials, contact:

    Sitting Bull College Bookstore
    Phone: (701) 854-8025
    Fax: (701) 854-7266