• Taŋyáŋ yahípi!  Welcome to you all!

     The 10th LSI will be June 5-30th, 2017.

    The Lakota Summer Institute is four weeks of digging into how the Lakota/Dakota language works – and how switching over to “Lakota thinking” can transform you.

    This joint venture of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Sitting Bull College and the Lakota Language Consortium doesn’t just support professional teachers. It is a unique community event that gets to the heart of our culture – the language.

    Discover the other person you are when you speak Lakota!

    • The Lakota Summer Institute is the premier Lakota and Dakota language teacher professional development event in the country.  Since 2007, over 250 teachers from more than eight reservations and ten states have participated.
    • Reviews and feedbacks from the LSI training are always exceptional.  It is a professional training experience that has consistently exceeded all expectations and surpasses all previous training events in terms of depth of content. Teachers leave LSI feeling empowered with new knowledge, techniques and tools.
    • Well-trained LSI teachers have a direct impact on the amount of Lakota and Dakota language successfully taught in the classroom and on improved test scores.
    • LSI also offers an intensive 3-week course for beginners, with schedules that can be customized for each participant and learning level. All classes are free, except those that are taken for credit.
    • Participants can find accommodation at the Sitting Bull College dorms or at the Prairie Knights Casino Hotel.


    Contact information:
    SRST Education Coordinator
    Agency Ave. PO Box D
    Fort Yates, ND 58538
    Phone : (701) 854-8583
    Fax: (701) 854-2175
    Email: language@standingrock.org


    LSI Sponsored by:

    • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

      Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 

      The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been the lead sponsor for the Lakota Summer Institute since LSI’s beginnings in 2007. SRST’s skilled Education Department administrators have organized and promoted the Institute and managed volunteer staff to make sure all of the participants’ needs are met. SRST has also been a strong advocate for language instruction in the schools.

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    • Sitting Bull College

      Sitting Bull College 

      Sitting Bull College   Sitting Bull College has been committed to language revitalization since its founding in 1973.  SBC’s Division of Native American Studies awards an Associate of Sc

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    • Lakota Language Consortium

      Lakota Language Consortium 

      Lakota Language Consortium  The Lakota Language Consortium is the driving force behind LSI.  Its comprehensive plan for Lakota language revitalization calls for teacher development and support as the balance to hav

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